Frequently Asked Questions

You can contact us directly any time but take some time and read through the frequently asked questions on our website. If you have requested a quote already and you have some queries on that quote or your itinerary kindly contact our customer support or travel agent directly.

  • Do you offer other trips than to or from the airport?

Yes. We offer travels to many other places that you may want to go, from clubs and restaurants to parties and even meetings. You can catch our Taxis Watford, or opt for the Minibus Hire Watford for long-distance travels.

  • What means of payment do you have?

Well, if you are okay with paying for your trip on cash at pickup or via credit card, we offer both options. The choice is all yours.

  • What happens in the case of a delayed flight?

We monitor flights at the airports, so we got you covered whether or not you have a delayed flight or in the case of airport transfers. Just ensure our booking operator has your flight number, we will sort the rest.

  • What happens if we are many?

Since we have various vehicle sizes, you can go for our Watford taxi, or take a larger capacity vehicle. Our minibuses can take some travelers, all at once.

  • How is your booking strategy?

You can make your booking online, 24 hrs before your travel, for urgent trips, we have a telephone number on this website, through which you can call to fix a booking.

  • Can you take a contract for a company?

Yes. You can contact us through the form provided. We will get back to you for further clarification.

  • How do you fix your charges?

Our fees go as per vehicle and not passengers.

  • What types of vehicles do you have?

Well, we have clean and comfortable vehicles, with taxis and minibuses. Your needs are what determine your choice.

  • Can I get offers on some packages?

We have special offers for long-distance journeys and trips to airports.